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despite the electricity supplier development in full swing, but the physical retailer is a dilemma choice. The reporter learned yesterday, foreign retail giants Parkson officially launched the online mall. However, the same as peers, although the site has been operating for several months, but the type of goods, brand richness and pure electricity supplier platform gap. In contrast, the world’s top 50 major retailers in Chengdu, a new report released yesterday, said the world’s top seven retailers believe that the store is its main business.

retail giant net frequency

reporter learned yesterday, Malaysia’s largest retailer Parkson Parkson commercial website network has been on the line. Reporter login to the site to see, Parkson page design is gorgeous, strong in business platform. At the same time, the goods are more than a thousand dollars, and from Parkson positioning. Parkson Parkson said net for high-end group, hope to build the first Chinese multi-channel business platform.

but the reporter also found that, although it has been operating for several months, but the site is still not many brands and goods sold. Experience in online shopping the most important users, Parkson network also there is a gap between the mall and other mature business Jingdong. Reporters noted that in the click after the purchase, Parkson network pop-up window generally contains two models and two pieces of Tile Map details. In large electronic business platform, there will generally be clear details of the big picture. At the same time, the evaluation system is not set or not set Parkson network, customer service. In the electricity supplier website, user evaluation is an important basis for consumer choice of goods.

in fact, many large department store group are hoping to rely on high-end, quality traits and existing business platform to draw a line in the beginning to enter the electricity supplier. At the end of last year, the group launched high-end business website "Seth Seth spring", but the operating months because of traffic is low and the transition to online ole".

electric business insiders believe that most of the traditional department stores do not meet the qualified enterprise electricity supplier level.

online channels just add


and Seth Parkson retail giants in the field of business situation, is a microcosm of the vast majority of traditional enterprise ocs. Most of the traditional retail enterprises online positioning as a new channel, so the relative investment and risk is relatively small. At present, the line is only a supplement. Electronic commerce is the traditional retail sector accessories operating structure." The industry said.

above reality also led to the current physical retail electricity providers to enter the tangle. Many retail giants of non retail professional business enterprise rather disdain, but will be the pulling power and convenience of online shopping has attracted net impulse. Moreover, in the face of aggressive electricity supplier momentum, if not as soon as possible online layout, the future market share may be eroded.

multi channel integration is the trend of

‘s latest report from CB Richard Ellis also shows this. More than seven of the world’s top 50 major retailers believe that Chengdu

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