Many websites piracy of the European Cup to be interviewed or punished and prosecuted

Beijing News (reporter Yang Miao) ongoing European Cup, was stolen by some sites. The Municipal Copyright Bureau of Beijing people on the 13 Beijing News reporter revealed that the new broadband network, beans and other sites on the European Cup video was broadcast without permission and Copyright Administration Bureau jointly interviewed, and in accordance with regulations on video line.

Copyright Protection Department of the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau stakeholders told the Beijing news that since the European Cup, a number of sites on the live, on-demand business, some of which have not been licensed



website for piracy, in addition to interviews, the Copyright Bureau of tort piracy website notice by telephone, mail, urge the offline video. These people said, for refusing to offline or repeated repeatedly on the website, the Copyright Office will continue to conduct interviews with radio and television bureau. If the violation of copyright infringement site regulatory measures, the severity of the violations will take administrative penalties.

yesterday, reporters login with the new broadband beans network, the two sites have no European Cup live content.

according to reports, the copyright bureau is currently using a technical platform for the use of information fingerprint comparison plus manual monitoring of the territory of the Internet video broadcast monitoring. Reporters at the office of the information center to view the actual monitoring results of the copyright monitoring platform.


Copyright Bureau insiders said, according to the website detection and feedback, piracy websites can be divided into several types: 1, the website does buy video, but in outside the scope of the domain name; 2, to buy a video website content will be resold to third party websites, but as for the final sale of CCTV the right player, so buy resale websites also constitute piracy; 3, no authorized website on their website to embed, jump way of video playback; 4, some video sharing websites claiming system users upload infringing videos. These circumstances, should be in a timely manner, after the phone call, e-mail notification video, and to strengthen the monitoring measures to prevent the next up and repeated infringement occurs.

Han Zhiyu, director of the copyright protection department of

Copyright Bureau of Beijing, said that if the infringing websites ignore copyright supervision measures, administrative penalties will be taken as the severity of violations, and the copyright owners will be prosecuted. Previously, the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau had to cooperate with relevant departments investigating the common antenna video piracy and other major cases.

according to the reporter, in addition to the copyright owner of CNTV, the current domestic website, Tencent, PPTV, Sina won the European Cup video network broadcasting and broadcast rights, Sohu, NetEase to buy the right to demand, only these six websites on the Internet with some or all of the European Cup video broadcast rights. Among them, the rights and interests of Tencent to buy the most video can be used in the client, web site, 3G, micro-blog, mobile client and other platforms and videos.

European Cup video piracy site type


1 site did buy a video, but it was used on a domain other than the authorized

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