The Associated Press Alibaba suffered the biggest crisis since listing

[Abstract] Ali did not disclose any information about the regulatory investigation until September last year, IPO raised $25 billion. Compliance?

Tencent Francisco January 30th, The Associated Press recently published an article that, in today’s China market, a "dragon and tiger" show is being staged.

revenue fell to

Alibaba yesterday reported a third quarter of 2015, Alibaba revenue of $4 billion 220 million, less than analysts expected $4 billion 420 million. Based on non GAAP, diluted earnings per share of American Depositary Shares $0.81, much higher than analysts expected $0.74.

in addition, the recent dispute with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also attracted foreign attention, Alibaba investors are commissioned by the U.S. law firm Pomerantz LLP to investigate the matter. Affected by this news, in January 29th intraday trading, Alibaba shares fell $9.14 per share, down $89.31, or $9.8%, the market value of more than $22 billion in losses.

report with counter

, China’s regulatory body, issued a scathing report on Wednesday aimed at one of China’s biggest companies "stars". The report accused the electricity supplier giant Alibaba group (New York stock exchange ticker symbol: BABA) did not take adequate measures to prevent the sale of counterfeit products on the group’s major websites. Alibaba group is not to be intimidated, but a counterattack said a government official of the group and biased misconduct. In China, this public confrontation can be said to be almost unheard of.

the release of the report is even more suspicious. In talks with Alibaba management group, Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce in July last year wrote the report, but delayed the release time, so as not to affect the group listed on the New York stock exchange trading. Alibaba in the group IPO (IPO) prospectus disclosure of information that is facing the problem of fake "risk factor", but before last year $25 billion IPO in September but did not disclose any information about the investigation supervision.

controversy dragged Alibaba group’s share price fell 4% in Wednesday’s trading in the New York market, at $98.45. At the same time, the group holds 15% stake in YAHOO and therefore threatened. YAHOO’s share price fell more than $1 billion after YAHOO’s share price fell, and just a few hours ago, it was announced that it would divest the shares later this year.


(YAHOO) in the spin off the end of the month (the Alibaba group) shares, so you don’t worry about what." Analysis of Rosenblatt (Rosenblatt) of the brokerage firm ·

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