Google Baidu year end inventory of global nternet users are searching for

2016, Dave and you are very concerned about these events


editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public number hedgehog commune (ID:ciweigongshe), author Zhang Xingyu

each year in December, the company has launched year-end inventory, to review the past year, the size of the incident occurred.

in these numerous inventory, to the number based on the basis of large data generated by the Google annual list of hot search and Baidu search list in the boiling point of the most representative. In the wave of the Internet swept, every minute there will be countless users search for a wide range of information, massive search results reflect the distribution of Internet users concerned about the tendency, but also the trend of social hot spots. While Google and Baidu respectively as the largest foreign and domestic share of the search engine company (according to the latest data, StatCounterGlobal Stats in November this year, Baidu domestic market share of 76.36%, Google global market share of 93%, ranked first in the list), they also to some extent reflects in the past year, the Chinese and foreign netizens are concerned about what.

the morning of December 2nd, Baidu on the official micro-blog released 2016 Baidu search list in the boiling point, divided into "the annual hot search list" "annual entertainment list" "annual phenomenon list" three big list, the following 26 sub list, covering many fields of politics, society, sports etc..


12 days after

, Google by GoogleTrends released this year’s global hot search list, compared with Baidu subdivision list, Google is only divided into 9 categories: comprehensive search, news, figures, consumer technology, sports, movies, music, mourning the dead people and TV programs.


next, let hedgehog Jun for you to interpret Google, Baidu search list to see how they portray a kind of 2016.

earth village the villagers this year are in search of what


1, we are in search of keywords: the Olympic Games

Google from the comprehensive search list and Baidu ten keywords list view, in the past 2016, the people of the world are focusing to held for the first time in South America Rio De Janeiro city of the thirty-first Summer Olympic games. In addition to the gold medal during the period before the opening of public disorder, poor facilities and groove competition brought about by the numerous proud and tears, for the people, this year’s Olympic Games also shows more and more distinctive image of athletes and naive whims of Fu Yuanhui and "small Rodrick" Sun Yang, has been asleep Zhang Jike…… Even the Xinhua news agency is also in the Olympic Games

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