E9 uses Site Pinning to allow developers to increase the amount of site visits

according to foreign media reports, IE9 comprehensive utilization of Site Pinning (fixed site), allowing developers to get a dedicated website user interface to increase the amount of site visits.

Ziad Ismail Microsoft Corp executives said, IE9 Site Pinning not only to ensure that users can access through Windows PinningI and Windows Site 7, because 7 of the precision integration, but also can make measurable results feedback to the relevant access interface.

is now more likely to use Site Pinning as a result of Microsoft’s website www.buildmypinnedsite.com.

BuildMyPinnedSite website is listed to allow the user to fix the web site developers need to do a few steps from the design of high definition website picture, hidden skip list (Jumplist) subsidiary, to set up the notification bar and control with Preview thumbnail pictures.

"BuildMyPinnedSite is just a tool that allows users and developers of the site to experience how good it is to use a web site with a fixed function. Key words can lead to sudden news of your attention, media playback can also be outside the browser control." Ismail said, "when you win a bid notice will tell you that Games can record the data when you’re offline and show what you missed, like Hotmail and other web applications like a local mail client. The idea of developing your site and coding in BuildMyPinnedSite have


developers can only run IE9 and Windows 7 Microsoft compiled code, but this does not affect the user to use any browser.

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