My SEO long way to learn

the vast majority of people have been fooled by the appearance of gorgeous SEO, think it is very mysterious, very profound, I certainly can not be an exception. When I first contact to SEO when it has been attracted by its mysterious veil, think this is a very advanced technology in the network, coupled with its relatively threshold and is not too high, as long as willing to spend the time to learn to master it, to change their own destiny. So, from then on, I joined the ranks of the SEOER, began his own SEO road.

my SEO road starts

this horse from ten years ago when I started talking, and I really wish friends from school to go to the army, retired after two people will set up a studio, the studio was the main focus of the work is the game, and established their own guild limit Zhanmeng in the game in. The guild size is still relatively large, the total number of the highest reached more than 13 thousand people, we do not use IS but use their own online voice chat server set up equipment at the time, often online game player is to reach more than 1000 people.

so many people, so only use voice chat of the exchange platform will seem somewhat powerless, after all, there are too many people at that time did not use voice chat, there are many people who do not love the voice platform, so we opened a second exchange platform – forum, which also can be said to be I start the SEO road.

and I really wish in efforts, our forum is finally established, at the time of the forum was built then in fact we did not understand that we have embarked on a SEO journey, just to give a more than 10 thousand member daily to the exchange platform, and this point we have done. However, a game is always with its life, and we thought that time is mainly on the game together, and not focus on the site, is still the day with the guild members to play, play BOSS, PK copy. With the continuous reduction of the members of the guild, with the continuous loss of game player, until one day we find that their guild has not many people, we finally understand that this is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

began to learn SEO

until then, we began to think back, how could we be wrong? Although the basic objective of the game we rely on to set up a studio, probably after more than a year’s time, our studio three total income two hundred and twenty thousand, remove the basic expenses of each of the last hand there are more than 50 thousand, but after that we found on the game is very difficult to get considerable development, after all, every game of life are not the same, so we will look back to the website. Because at this time of the site, although not many people, but also to bring us a lot of income, and the source of this income is mainly through Google union advertising revenue.

so, since that day

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