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" is a reference to electricity supplier Sina Technology launched a focus on the electricity supplier industry, the focus of enterprise, focus focus section, hope that through the depth interpretation of the current development strategy, business enterprise management mode and development direction of the electricity supplier industry situation and breakthrough on the road.

– Oliver Samworth (Oliver Samwer



Sina Technology Tracy

in German (Oliver Samwer) – Oliver Samworth before and Gaopeng origin, must first introduce him in "the United States is not very good reputation".

from the beginning of 1999, but became popular in the United States for startups, are Samworth and his two brothers (Mark Marc) and Alexander (Alexander) the copycat in a flagrant way to Europe, including Groupon, Zappos, Square, Fab, Amazon and so on. But more interestingly, Samworth will eventually be sold back to the United States, these clones of the original company, earn pours.

one of the most famous case is that the shopping site for $50 million to eBay, mobile entertainment platform Jamba! News group holding 51% capital, with $100 million sold at the social networking site StudiVZ, and of course the most relevant to this case — group purchase site CityDeal sold to Groupon for $700 million.

Samworth is a what kind of person? According to Business Insider, he is generally conservative, risk averse, entrepreneurship rate is a global minimum of the German.

, medium stature, noble and dignified look solemn, have a pair of deep blue eyes, sharp voice, speaking to some of the sketch is off the reel Samworth, management consulting firm Concern founder Moritz – Debulvke (Moritz Delbruck) said: "he is almost invincible samworth. He is more disciplined and more hard to win, do not give up. As long as he doesn’t break the law, he can do anything."

next Samworth introduction let pride Groupon overseas record.

2010 Samworth invested plagiarism Groupon group purchase website CityDeal, only 5 months on the occupation of the 13 European countries group purchase market." Groupon CEO Andrew – Mason Samworth brothers appreciate the strength of the operation, not only to $700 million acquisition of CityDeal, will also Groupon international business to Samworth control.

is the Samworth brutal aggression expansion of Groupon international business, paying people to dig, quickly >

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