Five ways to quickly improve the flow of novice

station is also almost a year, experienced a lot of website promotion bitterness, also have their own a little experience, and today the sun drying out. This paper only for the novice some way to get traffic, do not need to read the master.

on the site should pay attention to the problem I will no longer say, too many online. Here only to say some of their own point of view.

. To obtain a large number of high quality of the chain. According to the statistics, most of the websites of 80% of traffic from search engines (SEO or less fire), search engine according to the weight of your site to determine your ranking in the keywords, is added to the chain and the most effective method to improve the website. The chain increases we should pay attention to when only about himself do connection, unless PR is high enough. Of course you stand there would be no traffic link with you, so we can only join the web site, this is the most simple, but very effective! Here you can see, early to do some web site links but, all ranking in Baidu in front of the cruel words. If you do, he will do a few.

two. Do some relatively popular keywords. Remember pie is relatively hot, too hot to do well. If a single page ranked in the top three, every 500IP per page, the 10 is 5000. The key is to improve the single page keyword density. Try to improve the the frequency of keywords, the best is about 6%, higher will be considered seems to accumulation of keywords. I have a kind of extreme methods: just write a title, the content is empty!!! Within a week can be discharged into the top three. However, this method does not last long, but it is easy to be K, will involve the entire station included. For example: in the Baidu search " classic confession SMS " second; is I, this is not my intention, is the acquisition error, no acquisition success. Soon I will repair.

three.Blog. search engine is a great degree of attention to blog yo, if there are 50 blog can link to your site, what effect will it?!!!

four. Content is king! All the search engine more attention by numerous SEO master that is the true saying 14 words. This is the most important, the most fundamental, the most useful.

allows you to have a large number of high quality, original content is not realistic. So just after the acquisition, change order, change some not hurt the whole contents of the text, the search engine will think it is a good article, ha ha.

five. More updates. Nothing to say.

more than five points is that I think the novice in the station should pay special attention to, I hope we can support a lot.

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