Should be a forum or information

          is the interactive forum website or websites one-way, I think this is just for the website of the people, must be the primary consideration.

          in fact, these two types of sites each have advantages and disadvantages. So as a novice, the choice of what kind of way to build it? I think you should choose your own content.

          one way information website.

          choose this type of site, you choose the reality of poor interactivity. This kind of website, mainly is the information, the commodity primarily, provides is the massive information resources. Only focus on the site to the audience, but not to the audience to the site. This is my website.

          in fact, when I was planning to do, make the website forum.

          honestly, for my personality, I also prefer to do the forum, because the forum is easy to maintain, and there will be someone to help you post, expand content.

          but I eventually chose the site. Because it is very simple, I do is a kind of information website, information website can not need a lot of interaction (of course, but also the second). And what I do is a professional website, is a small part of the industry, an information site should be enough for me to do. No need for large forums. Even if the open forum, may also occur, I am the only one or a vest post phenomenon, because according to my content, to see people want to copy information, will copy, do not want to copy discarded, but also do not consider such note book.

          and the fact that my choice was right. Because so far, my IP is always the main forum (about three to four times the content). It is strongly recommended that all kinds of information websites and commodities, commercial websites, corporate websites, and departmental websites adopt such a way.

          two, bidirectional forum website.

          since it is interactive, we must first consider the emergence of such a forum, there will be someone to communicate online, whether someone will leave a message? And this >

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