Man dangdang com CPS promotion skills to make money

love reading friends should know, by Li Guoqing and Yu Yu couple two people together to create, opened in November 1999 at Chinese, is the world’s largest online book store.

men always fussing about, can be used to read the little time, so always want to see some of the classic books in the little time, I don’t love to see now newly published books, books always feel commercial now is too strong, the author is to make money while writing the book, with those previously published the author is not a state of mind. I’m a bit of a strange person, the time spent on books is always longer than the time to read.

is my habit, look at the book comments on or Douban on these sites, select the evaluation of a good book, and then find the electronic version on the Internet for free, because I have been watching some years before publishing the book, so online are basic e-book download or read online.

in the process of selecting books and looking for e-books, I encountered a number of techniques to promote Dangdang CPS, I’ll share with you.

1 uses a large number of SEO collection Dangdang Title

a lot of new book promotion efforts are very large, there will be a lot of people search method can read free on the Internet, but most of the book is no free version, so it gives us a chance.

I would like to cite an example, such as Li Kaifu’s new book the world is different because of you: The Autobiography of Li Kaifu this book, we can publish the title of the article on its own station can be written:

this title contains a lot of long tail keywords associated with this book,

Li Kaifu autobiography download

Li Kaifu autobiography TXT

Li Kaifu autobiography TXT download

Li Kaifu autobiography free

Li Kaifu autobiography online reading

· · · · · · ·

and these words are very few people do, because they do not have these free reading resources. Of course, we do not. But let us get traffic again, with the flow of money is easy, we can put this book on page promotion link, can also put Taobao off the book promotion link, the end can also engage in a major online shopping mall in the price of books and articles, let the user can compare where to buy cheaper ah. In short, there is a flow of money to make money, it depends on how you guide and use.

said above is the practice of a book, of course, we can not only do a book, to do tens of thousands of people, there is a physical update on the human body, there is no physical procedures on the

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