3000 users for the delivery of semi finished products financing how he did the 1 million

Abstract: for users, in the absence of organic vegetables, "fresh vegetables to the vegetables and Yonghui flat, if there is organic, will cost about 30%. "Moreover, we still wash with good, free door-to-door. So, now, go to the market to buy food in the supermarket, why not the user can consider "fresh vegetables to"


Li Xiancai of the project named "fresh vegetables to come, it is customized for each user of a food box, according to the user demand, delivery time, free delivery of semi-finished dishes, these dishes with recipes combination, users take food, according to cooking recipes.

team two days delivery of a dish, the user can only book in accordance with the recipe time, such as recipes from Wednesday, the user can only be scheduled before Wednesday. After that, with the efficiency, Li Xiwang shortened the reservation time to 6 hours in advance.

currently has 3000 users "to" human fresh vegetables, the order of about 200 months, the monthly sales of about 20 thousand yuan, the growth rate of around 80%.

note: Li Xiancai has confirmed that the data in the text is true, pencil road is willing to work with him for the authenticity of the content endorsement.

information platform difficult start

has changed a lot since he was a child, for example, Li Xiancai used to cook at home. "The child is small, can’t eat out every day."

but he doesn’t have time to cook. His wife usually 5:30, 6:30, go to the supermarket to buy food, wash cut with a good start to eat almost 8 points. If a week to buy the amount of food, but also afraid of putting a long time is not fresh.

gradually, Li found that many people insist on eating at home. "Their philosophy of life is to eat at home more secure than outside, do not need to go to education."

they also have a pain point: to the market, do not know what to buy. Supermarket put 10 kinds of vegetables, choose to choose, or choose the most often eat and do that. "Most people rarely have the mood to study a dish that has never been eaten, and in the end it may be only a dozen dishes."

15 years in July, Li Chansheng an idea: to provide users with semi-finished products. If you provide the dishes have been bought, washed, picked, with a good, the user just spend 20 minutes, you can make a few dishes, can save a lot of time."

but at this time, Li Xiancai did not semi-finished food processing experience, from simple start, make an information aggregation platform, make semi-finished food merchants settled platform to help its sales, user orders, delivery to the user by the business.

Li first public water, the preparatory stage, he found many well-known restaurant chain, such as gold, Meizhou Dongpo, sea fishing and other cooperation, but almost never talk down. Most of the restaurants provide only food, takeaway service, lack of motivation and cooperation.

he believes that the timing of the information platform to do wrong,

"make semi-finished dishes"

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