How to make full use of the value of old customers to explore the unknown treasure Taobao

has been in Taobao for six years, from the beginning of the zero credibility of confusion, and now the crown of the four slowly mature. We have come to realize how to survive in the Taobao key.

in Taobao, the vast majority of sellers do not go to think of their old customers in the above, even if they do so, but also to win a small part of the repeat. In fact, they can do better, because the old customer is the most important lifeline of a Taobao store development.


can turn customers into repeat customers depends on whether or not you will spend time, energy and the right advice to guide them. There are a lot of ways Taobao shop can do this:

1 offers a good price for your regular customers or other incentives to attract them to do business with you again. The aim is to establish a close relationship with the customer. Pay close attention to the customers around you and look for anything that might be possible. If you always adhere to customer service, let the customer benefit, continue to strengthen and create more customer value of life, and not just to do business with their customers, then establish a close relationship with it is just a matter of time.

2 in your Taobao store to do a variety of old customer feedback activities, if you are willing to give back to your customers, your customers will be more support you. If you are willing to serve others, then you will have the opportunity to create more wealth, which is beyond doubt.

3 after a study found that in the weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual magazine readers and magazine readers than other publications read their publications more thoroughly, with publications keep closer contact. This means that the more you communicate with your customers, the more you can build trust with them, and the more likely you are to buy them. They can think of you as a friend who cares about them and is willing to maintain a close relationship with you.

4 allows your customers to understand the latest market trends, to provide them with more information about the industry, and let them have the opportunity to try new products free of charge. Remind them of the new market trends and provide opportunities for them to book in advance, so you can also increase sales.

5 think about the last time you and your clients in private exchanges is at what time? You can find a skilled in debate customer service staff by telephone, want or gifts to communicate with old customers, tell them how you appreciate them, put your valuable ideas and information, share with their suggestions. You have to let customers know that you are more concerned about their own interests than just the money in their pockets.

is more concerned about the interests of the client, rather than your own interests, you and your old customers closer ties between. If you do this, you will be able to easily increase the performance of the store. Although it is simple to say here, it is not easy to really pay attention to it

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