2012 China nternet webmaster circle annual awards announced


recently, Discuz! And co hosted a number of media "2011-2012 Chinese Internet webmaster Circle Award" activities ended, the selection results on April 7th at the seventh session of the 2012 Chinese Internet webmaster conference officially announced, the ceremony held in the same period.


figure: 2011-2012 China Internet webmaster circle annual awards ceremony

It is reported that

, sign up to participate in this contest of Internet enterprise nearly hundred, after a rigorous screening were selected out of more than and 30 Internet companies shortlisted award winners, covers e-commerce, mobile Internet, open platform, online games and other industries hot areas. Among them, Mary billion won the best advertising award for enterprise enterprise, QQ enterprise instant messaging won the best product award, Lezhi won the most innovative mobile application recommended award, zero moment data, Western Digital, 3A network, E network China won the best IDC Service Provider Award, the most investment value of the electricity supplier for Disha Brand Award, multiplying CPS advertising alliance won the best business advertising award, 4.cn gold net to get the best domain name service provider award, ShopNC, CmsTop, Longshang won the best award for website development tools.

According to

, from DCCI, in 2011 the entire industry to obtain a comprehensive and rapid development of e-commerce: the continued growth of mobile Internet, open platform, A new force suddenly rises. win-win situation, network game market soared, entrepreneurs owners, service providers are the beneficiaries of the. In order to select more high-quality Internet products and service providers, to help Internet companies grow faster, Discuz! Special joint Tencent technology and other media launched the campaign, to help more Internet practitioners and entrepreneurs owners to accurately grasp the development trend in the current Internet, forge ahead.

it is understood that this event by Discuz! Platform support, invited the media, industry insiders and website to participate in entrepreneurship is currently the most extensive coverage, the most influential, one of the highest degree of participation in activities, widely praised by IT practitioners and the webmaster circle, known as the "Internet industry gluttonous feast".

list of winners:

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