n twenty first Century the daily news editor admitted news extortion more than and 200 companies re

twenty-first Century newspaper editor Shen Hao

Following the September 4th twenty-first Century

et al Network Editor investigation was announced, in September 25th exposed another heavy news, so the attention continues to heat up — "twenty-first Century newspaper editor Shen Hao, general manager of Chen Dongyang 25 in the afternoon was taken away by the police". The next day, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed the news, saying the above personnel on suspicion of extortion crime, criminal coercive measures have been taken in accordance with the law, the case is under further investigation.

just a few lines of news, the public security organs in twenty-first Century on suspicion of serious economic crimes investigation, has expanded to its parent company – Media Co., Ltd. in twenty-first Century. In particular, the president of the company had a definite shape, there is always a force to make us burst into tears, "even if the news is dead, will leave the famous media people countless saints and other classic statements involved Shen Hao checked, so many people sigh with emotion, but also led to more speculation and doubt.

for this reason, the reporter went to Shanghai, to the task force to further understand the case, and face to face interviews with some of the suspects. Through their own presentation and handling the police’s introduction, more cases inside one show.

‘s three media involved in cooperative enterprises up to more than and 200

overnight, from twenty-first Century at the helm of a criminal suspect, jailed Shen Hao has become surprisingly calm. He seems to be aware of the reasons for his investigation. "I know, the public security organs in this twenty-first Century economic report, twenty-first Century net dealt mainly two aspects, one is forced by negative news cooperative enterprises to pay the cost, two is to charge companies" protection fee ", promise not to be negative reports." Shen Hao said.

police handling the case, as of now, the case has been involved in twenty-first Century Media Co., Ltd.’s economic report in twenty-first Century, in twenty-first Century the network, financial weekly 3 financial media, more than 30 people were investigated. In addition to Shen Hao, Chen Dongyang, also includes the twenty-first Century economic report editor Liu Hui, twenty-first Century, editor Zhou Bin network president Liu Dong, deputy general manager of the advertising department Mo Baoquan, the financial weekly issuer summer, edited by Luo Guanghui, general manager of Mei Bo et al.

was against the company to testify and involved testimony indicated that in twenty-first Century economic report, twenty-first Century net, the financial weekly use of its extensive influence in the financial sector, and Shanghai Yun Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin PR firms collude, negative information directs subordinate media reporters through a variety of ways to active mining, editorial listed companies listed the company, and to publish negative reports of blackmail, forcing the more than and 200 companies signed cooperation agreement, collect advertising fees high "".

management to the media to develop high operating objectives

police handling the case, whether it is the twenty-first Century economic report, the network in twenty-first Century, or financial weekly, have basically the same pattern of illegal profit

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