nternet investment and innovation in the industry to invest in the low exposure of poor investment


2010Q3 to 2012Q3 China Internet industry VC/PE financing situation



China’s Internet investment market ushered in the coldest quarter of two years.

According to the

ChinaVenture hit group statistics, the third quarter of this year, the Internet industry (excluding mobile Internet) disclosed the investment case since only 22, compared to the previous quarter fell 26.7% to its lowest level since 2010. IPO is the Internet companies to hand over baijuan, except Chinese Mobile Games in financing difficult listed on the Nasdaq, a successful listing of Internet Co.

electricity supplier financing is the most active

is the only bright spot in the field of electricity providers, Alibaba group to repurchase shares of YAHOO to complete the transaction, and the introduction of investment, CITIC Capital, CDB, Bo Yu capital PE, involving an amount of $2 billion.

In addition to the

, the largest amount of financing in the three quarter of a case for public comment network (micro-blog), in August to get a new round of $60 million financing. Overall, the current valuation of Internet companies for investors more cautious, the amount of investment is also very conservative, to reach the level of $10 million cases only 9.


2012Q3 China’s Internet industry millions of dollars above the investment case

segments from the field of view, the field of electronic commerce is the most active, the disclosure of 9 cases, accounting for 40.9%, including two vertical B2C Tianpin net and brewmaster network, B2B e-commerce platform Marco Polo by Intel capital, dianping.com, street network, to the joy it is the concept of O2O business platform focused on segments the. In addition, the electricity supplier portal site to return this quarter net by Xianfeng Huaxing and Zhenge fund invested millions of dollars.

in addition to the electricity supplier, the industry website disclosure case 3, respectively, the education industry, the transfer network, the sports industry tiger bashing sports and technology media tiger sniffing network. The network community, including financing for the quarter, mogujie.com, warm mafengwo. Vote in the analysis, these sites are on the vertical segments or specific populations, showing the trend of investment in the Internet mining depth.

IPO window closed industry exposure investors to eat kickbacks

IPO, 2012 has only 4 China Internet Corporation (global market, people.com.cn (micro-blog), vip.com, 365) IPO in the global capital market, and are listed in the first half, while the third quarter without disclosure of the Internet company IPO case.

queuing IPO companies in the beginning of this year, the listing of the application of Shanda literature, the media is still in the queue, the handle network has been >

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