He was only 26 years old will reach 6 billion 200 million worth of listed companies also marry the

at the age of 26 to become the world’s richest, and married to the world’s most beautiful models, Spiegel start empty-handed, cannot do without talent and endeavor, cannot do without the merchant inherent shrewd and cruel, also cannot do without his family.

recently, Snap submitted an application for IPO attracted much attention. February 2nd, snap filed a prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to Snap’s prospectus, the company plans to raise up to $3 billion of funds through the IPO (about RMB 20 billion 600 million). Snap will issue a class a ordinary shares without voting rights, but not announced the issue price range and the issue price.

Snapchat is a "burn after reading" the famous picture of social APP. On November 6, 2013, the board of directors of the Tencent said President Ma Huateng attended the launching ceremony of Zhong An Insurance: "young people love things on the Internet more and more I cannot read, this is my biggest worry. The American burn after reading Snapchat is very fire, it didn’t feel what we mean, but found the girls at the age of 12-18 special love to play."

Alibaba in 2014 in the United States, financing $21 billion 800 million. The Snap stock at the beginning of March after the listing, the market value will exceed $25 billion. Therefore, Snap will become the largest technology company since Alibaba IPO.

also attracted much attention in addition to Snap, as well as one of its founders – "after 90" Evan · (Evan Spiegel).


Snap, one of the founders of the "90" Evan ·

"$1 annual salary"

according to foreign media reports, Snap company officially IPO, Spiegel will be an annual salary of $1. Prior to this, Spiegel has $2 million 400 thousand annual salary, as well as an annual dividend of $1 million, but after IPO he even the bonus will be given up.

The founder of

in Silicon Valley many technology companies have announced a $1 annual salary, such as FacebookCEO Zuckerberg, founder of Google · Larry page and Sergei brin; · CEO, CEO, Oracle Allison Tesla Mask and Twitter CEO Jack & middot; dorsey.

$1 to make some eat melon misunderstood people, think that these technology heavyweights only $1 a year, then you broke the pattern tucson.

now, Spiegel holds Snap 22% class A shares, once the company IPO success, he will soon become a billionaire. If the Snap is really worth $25 billion when it is listed,

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