Google low key test water network access services challenges to traditional operators

lead: Reuters published Wednesday entitled "with balloons and fiber, Google to test the water network access service" (Analysis: With balloons and fiber, Google experiments in Web access) the article said, the balloon will be equipped with solar power into the stratosphere, to provide free WiFi service, Google is quietly put large sums of money, the development of emerging Internet access service. In the future, these services are likely to be a challenge for telecom operators and cable operators.

below is the full text of the article:

In recent months,

has announced plans to offer free wireless internet access to 7000 Starbucks cafes in the United States, a service that could replace the previous AT& T services provided by. In addition, Google called on U.S. regulators to open more wireless spectrum. In the South Pacific, Google launched 30 solar balloons to provide Internet access to remote areas.

Google also in the development of Google Fiber (Google) project. Last year, Google launched a high-speed Internet and TV service in Kansas City, and plans to take the service to Texas, Austen and Utah city Pravo. Google fiber provides a bandwidth of up to 1Gbps, 100 times higher than the average u.s.. So far, Kansas users of Google fiber with good response. According to sources, Google is likely to launch the service in more cities in the United states.

A former employee of Google

access service said: "Google fiber is currently seen as the Google internal God’s favored one because the service will break, the market situation, but also by the user community welcome." The Department is responsible for Google vice president (Milo Medin) Milo? Meiding, he promoted the development of Google Internet access project.

Metin is a senior network communications industry, in 90s founded the @Home cable broadband network. He is currently leading a team of hundreds of Google. The source said that Google this team has a lot of independence, has its own engineering, finance and marketing department.

Google is currently providing more and more music, video and other media content to mobile devices, so the company is also increasing investment to ensure that users get enough bandwidth. Similar to Google’s Internet access services will be outside the search business to create new sources of revenue for Google, and help Google to further understand the user’s online habits. This will make Google’s advertising more effective.

, however, some analysts believe that Google may therefore deviate too much from the traditional advantages of business, profit margins will be severely affected. In the field of Internet access services, Google needs to compete with strong traditional companies, such as AT&, T and Time Warner cable.


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