Qin in the car home CEO on the last interview said the goal is to entrepreneurs

Qin Zhi

Sina Technology Li

Qin how to evaluate their work in the car home? What are the deep sense of accomplishment, and what regrets?

when Sina Technology asked this question, the car home CEO Dayton a little, it is not good to answer, but he tried to explain their views from another perspective.

Li Xiang, the team or other people, the car home management to give me the feeling that values are more uniform, the first is to focus on doing things, second is more positive. I care more about what is called entrepreneurship. The most important one is the entrepreneurial spirit you have to make the right choice, a lot of the time we all know what is the right choice, why most people want, the right choice is very difficult to achieve or pay a high price. As an entrepreneur as a management team, this is what you should do, or what you do CEO."

now, when Qin identity into the car before the house CEO, his argument is more intriguing.

entrepreneurship and private car

in late May, the car home ownership dispute is in a stalemate. One side is imperative for the acquisition of equity security, on the other side of the privatization plan is blocked and long.

Qin expressed an interview, but on the major shareholder equity trading case related comments, he will not be convenient to express any views.

, however, it is widely believed that the "privatisation" of management, led by him, is too sudden, apparently a response to major shareholders’ equity deals, but he did not admit it.

Qin said: we are in the car home market in December 11, 2013, we have been talking about the time of the car home management has been guarding a principle, we are all based on the value of the user. We put the interests of consumers in the first place, consumers will naturally change as we change."

Qin said that this change, referring to the changes in the automotive market, including three changes:

first is the face of the consumer private owned car market. The car turned out to be a media, then sales leads, these two operations are issued after the first change in the system, you can see we do business all around consumers of privately owned cars in this area do, this field we put forward the first step we planned for the next ten years, three year car home to become the largest car China online trading and service platform.

second is a car sharing business. We also see the shared service of the car or travel sharing services, is a growing market faster and faster, it is in this process, the future of the market which will occupy an increasingly important position. The second step in the car home in the next ten years we need to be deeply involved in car sharing business, including rental car services, including automatic driving, unmanned driving >

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