Daily topic Airbnb will complete the valuation of nearly 1 billion financing to 24 billion

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 19th news according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States travel short rental website Airbnb immediately reached a target of $1 billion of financing, financing company valuation of $24 billion.

Airbnb was founded in August 2008 and headquartered in California, San Francisco. Airbnb is a travel housing rental community, users can be released through the network or mobile applications, search rental housing rental information and complete online booking procedures. Airbnb users in nearly 34000 cities across the country, the release of rental housing information to reach 50 thousand. AirBnB was called "EBay in the housing" by Time".

"Wall Street journal" quoted sources as saying, Airbnb recently said to potential investors, revenue is expected to reach $850 million this year, more than 250 million times in 2013 of $3. In addition, sources said, due to better than expected first quarter results, Airbnb internal revenue will be expected to increase this year to more than $900 million.

According to market research firm

YipitData data, by the end of May, with nearly 1 million 400 thousand accommodation information Airbnb, compared with 600 thousand in February 2014 more than doubled. Airbnb charge 3% of each order and charge a service fee of between $6% and $12% to the guest.

Airbnb all have such a valuation, because of the high growth in the past two years, the company’s revenue. In the past two years, Airbnb growth rate of about 90%, while Expedia is about 17%. Many analysts believe that Expedia’s revenue this year to reach $6 billion 500 million. Currently, Airbnb accounted for about 1% of the world’s short lived market, analysts Douglas  Quinby to the Wall Street journal, said Airbnb’s market share will reach five years after the end of the year.

and Uber entered the China Airbnb in China The climate does not suit one. similar local development has been tepid. The tenant payment credit card, PayPal and alipay. The landlord collection by PayPal, ACH/, Western Union remittance, direct mail payment, and the Airbnb Payoneer bank card prepaid debit cards for payment, but for the Chinese landlord, the payment is clearly not very friendly.

Airbnb last financing was in April 2014. If the new round of financing allows Airbnb market capitalization of $24 billion, it will become the world’s second highest valuation of startups, second only to Uber.

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