Tencent and Navnfo hand to create a new generation of intelligent maps and navigation services

A5 (www.admin5.com) 5.22 station network news: Tencent and NavInfo afternoon trading in hand, eventually settled. Tencent to become the second largest shareholder navinfo.

early in the evening yesterday, the map service enterprises NavInfo announcement, said the company’s controlling shareholder China four has received SASAC approval, agreed to 78 million shares of shares held by the company China four, transferred to the Shenzhen city Tencent industry investment fund limited.

the two sides deal, both for NavInfo is for Tencent, will be a memorable day. Tencent Inc official said: micro-blog map of the future can be more fun, more intelligent! NavInfo hand Tencent, today officially went to the front, the two sides will work together to build a new generation of intelligent maps and navigation services. Car networking, O2O…… Map connecting all the Internet, will burst into a new imagination!

and NavInfo after the deal, map based data services Tencent has largely switched to NavInfo provides the underlying database. According to reports, the two sides of the specific cooperation in vehicle networking, Tencent had launched a smart hardware Tencent lobo, intentions development in car networking, but you may not know, NavInfo is Chinese leading digital map content, car networking and dynamic traffic information service, location related business intelligence solutions provider. So that the specific point of cooperation between the two sides of the car networking is not surprising.

According to Tencent

technology report: Based on telematics cooperation NavInfo, President Sun Yuguo also stressed that the future of the "dynamic" value map. He disclosed that the future NavInfo has three main directions: the development of the next generation of maps, such as auxiliary driving navigation map, a dynamic parking lot and gas station dynamic map, two car networking applications; three is the intelligent application of large data, such as traffic, traffic than the eye already in the pre installed mobile phone.

Tencent and NavInfo hand, a new generation of intelligent maps and navigation services from us will be getting closer.

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