The future of garbage and garbage station

had wanted to do a lot of types of garbage collection, do data collection, do friendship connection, efforts in Baidu, Google and other search engine framework. It is very easy to have a good feeling, and it is very difficult to find a link to make the quality, but SEO is frequently killed in the ruthless search engine. Living garbage station is not easy, many of the league. Crooks are more…

injured injured injured again, many owners have also dreamed a good garbage stop strategy, and do quite a waste station, an average of one hundred if the 200IP station can do 20 thousand IP, but later found the garbage station strategy was not suitable for our rookie webmaster play. No money no resources for a link between a webmaster pR parochial prejudice is too deep, but this will drive up station.

a lot of webmaster will think of marketing, but still by others despise, there is a good idea can not be quickly realized, think of such a hard day. Then completely desperate. Or the old man said the words "insist on is victory, don’t give up don’t give up", after listening to this sentence, and some owners began to slowly boil out of the day.

I summed up the garbage group:

is not the future of 1 basically, the purpose is very clear because they do is to IP traffic in order to make money, but they rely on and is naive and others thought out of experience. Trapped in the chain muddle along without any aim search optimization and publicity of the whirlpool….

2 little achievement thinking rigid, copy others and not know how to create web sites through the value of content. Often overdraw the value of the content of the site spam put a large number of ads affect the user experience and the image of the site. Optimize the user to use once again will not come.

3 strategy mode is not in place, all will think how to achieve the function of the website and not thinking about how to better allow users to facilitate the use of unconscious. Difficult to promote and limited resources to create their own waste of the tragedy.

4 only to part of the operating strategy, the lack of executive ability and creativity, tend to be buried in his own thoughts under siege. Deeper and deeper, leading to unable to extricate themselves.

garbage is a nonsensical Internet character.

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