One week news review Alipay PC end transfer fees cited hot bitcoin crazy growth

1 Alipay PC terminal transfer charges trigger hot  

this weekend two days, Alipay PC terminal charges that suddenly become the focus of discussion of the measures of streets and lanes, almost made a lot of friends at Alipay and do not confound.

however, in consultation the third party payment industry, the author has concluded that the purpose of this adjustment is the core should be to counter the recent heady WeChat, of course, the expansion of income and promote the listed Ali, also the question of meaning, but not the most important.

first, first look at Alipay’s announcement, people say. Alipay said it would adjust the PC end account transfer rate, the original monthly amount of free cancellation rate from 0.5% to 0.1%, 0.5 yuan, 10 yuan cap, per transaction charge. The original rate and free transfer amount from December 2013 to 03 days from. Alipay wallet to free.

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Behind the

Alipay PC transfer charges against WeChat to pay:  

station network broadcast: Alipay PC Tencent to enter the small loan transfer charges

daily topic: what is the Alipay PC terminal transfer charges controversial charges behind the

?Topic: WeChat

daily payment will be open to third parties by the Alipay


WeChat VS Alipay core payment of the war in


2 Ding Lei

announced "freak": the reasons behind easecredit two camps in fighting  

on Thursday night, NetEase CEO Ding Lei finally unbearable to easecredit freak, the trigger point is easy to believe the product managers in preparation for the next update to increase social acquaintance function inside, Ding Lei think the term "problem", easecredit competitors "and", "street street and other application of a series of gun.

last weekend, several easecredit friends, including middle company, to Ding Lei "freak" behind with the author of Tucao:

1, easy to believe that the user did not reach half of the expected. In the telecommunications and NetEase cooperation plan, by the end of the year easecredit user scale to reach 100 million, but currently only 30 million outcrops, one and a half months time, user easecredit year growth target is gone.

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Ding Lei announced the "freak": the reasons behind easecredit two camps in fighting

station network broadcast: Tencent Ali easecredit mobile payment melee two camps in fighting

contacts, easy letter may wish to draw on Snapchat and Whatsapp 

Ding Lei barrier easy to break out of the letter is not easy  


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