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love -KoKo: net again to a period of time of interview Monday m friends, the guest is often in the town of bubbling member, commonly used ID as "our" welcome rogue brother, please do a self introduction.

– Lin Zhouqun: Rogue guest contact domain name more than ten years in college and the contact domain because personal web pages, later find that the domain name can actually make money, just a get out of hand on the domain name investment road. The name is Lin Zhouqun rogue, now working in a company, usually to write a blog, writing blog on domain name, it is amateur investment.

love net -KoKo: domain name of this concept, in the eyes of other people’s Web site. However, in the domain name investors, the domain name is a very unique form, talk about your views on the domain name!

– Lin Zhouqun: guests in the domain name investors eyes, the domain name is in the online real estate, the domain name is the future of the nameplate. On the Internet in the mix, he may not remember you, but will remember your domain name, suggest that we should engage in a sign of the domain name, you are in the domain name industry hunguo.

love net -KoKo: read your blog, you have found the study of the domain name, the domain name has its own views on some current affairs are. Do you think after the domain name era, the new investors need to have what thinking?

– Lin Zhouqun: guests after the domain time ah, rogue is also very tangled ah, word predictability is very important, I think a lot of time to bet, luck, have enough courage. For example, to see a company such as potatoes, when it is still small, and with rotten domain name TuDoo.com, your opportunity to. Have enough money on hand, and then see if you have the courage to buy TuDou.com, bet he will buy your domain name. But the cost of doing so is too large, the probability of success is very small.

rogue think it is better to invest in a lot of 160 thousand Pinyin domain name domain name, so the opportunity to win some more. However, I found that many bigwigs have internal news, the use of their contacts, relationships, funds to affect the direction of the end of the domain name selection, as Cai Wensheng sold to Google G.cn.

love -KoKo: the net for the domain name investors, how to through the Internet changing needs, to dig out the value of the domain name


guest – Lin Zhouqun: to tell the truth, the change is too fast, most people miss. Investment in the domain name with the stock of a meaning, a wave up and down again. Rogue is not to follow the rule of investing, buy you good domain name, and then wait. As long as you have enough number of domain names, the probability of winning naturally greatly increased. Do you know, every day to play with the domain name, ass luck may have. "

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