Network letter office shut down 128 illegal dating sites

international online news (reporter Li Meng) led by the national Internet Information Office, since the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs and the National Women’s Federation, and other relevant departments jointly carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out for 3 months, has checked people effective clues disposal network of more than 100 pieces, to close down 128 serious illegal dishonesty dating sites (including sites dating channel) and by order, interviews and other ways of more than 20 sites rectification or stop network rectification.

National Network letter office official said, the special rectification work has received good results, the illegal breach of marriage website has a strong deterrent, positive impact on the development of the industry. Next, the State Network letter office will continue to take relevant measures to further promote the construction of network integrity.

highlight the "three resolutely investigate and deal with the" sword peccant

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since the marriage site serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification work carried out, the national network information office with the relevant departments, organize a special force online tour, the dating website peccant different types of problems highlight the" three an antidote against the disease, that is, to resolutely investigate and deal with the "use of dating sites suspected of organized fraud Gang resolutely investigation on the use of; dating sites suspected of committing acts of prostitution gangs to resolutely investigate and deal with the dating website, resort to deceit; suspected of improper operation, condone illegal acts of dishonesty and resolutely investigate and deal with serious.

according to the introduction, by the investigation of the reasons is concentrated in the investigated sites did not fulfill the formalities for registration and filing, filing false information, malicious disclosure of user registration information, condone violations, users spread pornographic and vulgar information etc. according to the law, these problems are serious and adverse effects. Such as "dating network (" and "Huan Night Love Dating ( after being shut down in accordance with the law in the online dissemination of pornographic information;" lily matchmaker network ( "because of the existence of illegal acts of dishonesty, the person in charge shall be interviewed, and close the" high-end marriage hunting "and" marriage headhunting service "the two with exaggerated propaganda, misleading consumers tend to column;" Rose network ( "because of its registered members publish pornographic novels, by the relevant departments punishment.

"stop dating sites illegal chaos, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of dishonesty is the purpose of the special rectification work." National Network Information Office official said, the special rectification work should not only focus on cleaning up a number of serious violations of dishonesty sites, but also to establish a long-term mechanism for the construction of good faith website. He reminded the marriage website to the special rectification as an opportunity to continuously improve the operation and management of the site, improve the level of integrity of love and marriage services, and firmly establish the concept of the rule of law and the bottom line consciousness, adhere to the integrity of the law office.

brand marriage website sound support as a major positive industry

in the national network information office announced that the love and marriage sites serious violations of dishonesty special rectification work started, the major marriage website that sounds >

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