Guess the nternet events and 2011 summary twiter

events and 2011 Internet speculation twiter summary

the Internet is in the high-speed development stage, many aspects are still barren virgin land, changed its name from Baidu recently launched Baidu share code and statistics and Taobao mall, on which door password leakage Yang produced the following reflections.

2012 is destined to be the development of the Internet an extraordinary year in the past year, the Internet happened to turn the world upside down change such as the number of sites, SEO database leaked industry rise, YAHOO webmaster tools, close the Ministry of Internet "12th Five-Year" planning, micro-blog fashion, the rapid development of mobile Internet, the Internet giant the strategy of opening up, the development of broadband speed, the development of the electricity supplier change, Baidu infringement mediation.

if the analogy with the development of the gaming industry a few years ago, now the Internet has been done in the grand year do what stage legend, Baidu still occupy large segments of the search engine, the Tencent is still the big boss chat tool, and in the strength and the trend of king game industry. NetEase in the game industry with the world of Warcraft second place! We have to make a Lenovo, if the agency is Tencent get the hand of Warcraft will be what kind of scene! B2C Taobao still maintained the advantage, Jingdong are also catching up, another concern is that Taobao’s Taobao mall recently changed its name to Tmall


database leaks a number of sites, in December 2011, CSDN’s security system was hacked, 6 million of the user’s login name, password and mailbox was leaked. After investigation, Kingsoft staff suspected privacy leak source, Jinshan deep leak door". This event can be said that the current development of the Internet is a profound lesson, but also sounded the alarm for everyone, perhaps the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the incident, he provides a reliable development experience for the development of China’s Internet security.

The rise of

SEO industry, with the popularity of the network, the number of Internet growth, improve the site in the engine’s exposure has become a new industry SEO, followed by SEO and a large increase in the number of employees, is expected in the future development of SEO will be a new subject in Computer Science, will

into the classroom!

YAHOO Webmaster Tools off, closed in November 21, 2011 YAHOO webmaster tools, YAHOO management tools has been one of the favorite SEO tools, especially used to check the chain is very useful. With many of his webmaster tools have announced the release will be similar to YAHOO webmaster tools!

Ministry of planning, the state has introduced Internet management practices, the establishment of a dedicated Internet Office, purify the network environment!

popular micro-blog, Sina first to buy small spelling domain, this new investing heavily in Internet business, Tencent users with a strong base for users with


mobile Internet is developing rapidly, along with the Smartphone

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