Wuhai forum launched donations to the earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan

extend your helping hand to rescue the 5.12 earthquake relief activities


Beijing time at 14:28 on May 12th, Sichuan, Wenchuan Richter 7.8 earthquake. General secretary Hu Jintao immediately made important instructions to rescue the wounded as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of people in disaster areas, Premier Wen Jiabao also rushed to the disaster area to guide relief work.

in 2008 can be said to be dogged by bad luck Chinese year, hundred years snowstorm, the train derailed, foot and mouth disease, sudden natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, each of the victims in disaster areas, are unfortunately, at present, Sichuan earthquake relief work has achieved initial success, but after the disaster to restore production and rebuild their homes task very difficult. How many victims living relatives, waiting to rebuild their homes; the number of damaged road facilities, waiting for repair; the number of people affected by the disaster, we need to help……

although they rise up and help themselves in the party and government and community care and relief, through its own efforts, but in order to get them out of trouble as soon as possible, a better life, let us extend power to the helping hand. Hereby stationmaster net initiative to carry out the "Sichuan earthquake disaster victims relief activities, hope that the majority of owners to lend a helping hand to reflect our webmaster fraternity, do a difficult eight party cooperation", a dedication of love you. Let us Our wills unite like a fortress. together.

also hope that the friends of Wuhai rely on the power of the network together to mobilize the majority of users together to contribute, contribute to a force, a warm family, send a truth, lit a hope. Our hearts are together, is a love of the dam; our hands together, is a love of the the Great Wall! Let us take action, to lend a helping hand, gave their love, money money, there are things out, and let the affected people stand together through storm and stress, we join hands to and hit people hard times, a love you will stay forever in the hearts of the people in disaster areas


hope that we all come to lend a helping hand, for the disaster area to give their love for the people of disaster areas to make their own contribution.

below is a way to donate money, I hope you choose the most convenient way to actively participate in the disaster area out of a force.

– pull lamp 08/05/13

activity post: http://s.163wh.com/dispbbs.asp? Boardid=44& id=16535& star=1& page=1


as of the end of this release has been a lot of friends in Sichuan through the way to donate money for the disaster area in Wuhai, gave his love. Also hope that more users contribute to the people of disaster areas.

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