Who can come to the personal website timely assistance

2007 stock market bullish, prices are only the Internet seems to fall into the float upon the clouds, "bear" market downturn, to say in 2007 the Internet had bright spots, Alibaba, the giants listed, Baidu’s stock price soaring incident set off a 2007 wave of Internet bursts, however, saying "everyone is really good well, through the ages, to brilliant, must benefit from the emperor down to the common people, now only the giant buildings, you are" villains ", it seems that the Internet is far from" common prosperity".

it is shown that so many personal websites, its future is still whirling, compared with the giants, more and more serious polarization between the rich and the poor. Therefore, the bear market is actually for the majority of personal sites and small and medium sites. We can give a simple ion, a person was ten million, then he can use this ten million investment to earn more money, but one was only one thousand, and even families are difficult to high-level development, so it is more and more poor. The Internet is no exception, after all, is not a small arm twist thigh, no matter how hard the individual webmaster, but also to help, a large number of personal sites can only die in the winter of the internet.

some websites take the opportunity to wantonly suppressed, such people should be a personal website, everyone has the right to punish, it will harm to others. Also some websites seized this opportunity, and gain more extra profit in the process to "timely assistance" in the personal website.

For example,

said Ali Mama, the name Ali mother also has a good will, like a mother to take good care of their children, who are children, is a personal website, advertising sales platform Ali mother can provide to advertisers and mutual docking, to provide more opportunities for them to sell advertising, this is not equivalent to the mother of children love? The theoretical analysis is that, as for the actual good, I dare not to comment, never tried, the quality of what not to say.

later Chinese YAHOO launched NCP, the webmaster to provide free self-help service, of course, the idea is for personal website service, but in some places still slightly deficient, some people even called it powerful blog, a superficial reform.

recently I a colleague to do I recommend a small website, the website is small but the quality is not in general, according to the survey, the majority of personal website the most headaches is not what, but the design of the websites, the reason is very simple, the vast majority of people do not have so much money to hire a senior artist.

this site called 55.la also known as the 55, at first glance seems to actually look deeply, ugly in appearance, the problem is every webmaster knotty problem. Its service is very simple, the input Chinese name and English web site can be tailored to a banner image in a few seconds, this simple service solves most of the individual owners as pressing danger.

the simplest service

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