Stationmaster net daily broadcast Wu Beijing business chain where customers are denied food access f


, vice president of Jingdong of Wu "Beijing food business chain Wu claimed behind

today, there are media reports as senior vice president of Jingdong mall Wu is sound, he serves as their daily recipes on the Jingdong store entrees, and carefully build a "Beijing" and "food Beijing" business layout. These "Jingxi food company, directly or indirectly to the Jingdong store for food, in order to achieve its purpose of physical fitness.


, including Wu himself, NTA innovative communications agency founder Shen sound and claiming to be a senior marketing person Luo Zhenyu, Wu Sheng party through micro-blog denied the reports, saying there are manipulated behind.

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Jingdong vice president Wu sound

Wu denied the "Beijing food" reported: behind

2, every guest room called the power outage caused by the failure of


today morning business website ( accessing fault vancl. Where the relevant responsible person said, the problem is because the power room. Today is the five anniversary of vancl. In addition, another Amazon China ( this morning there are similar problems.

today morning, users have found business website to visit eslite. In view of this situation, VANCL official explained that, due to power outages caused room VANCL accessing fault current related issues have been sent, access is gradually recovering. We did not disclose what room appeared blackouts. Because today is the five anniversary of VANCL, this problem also let the outside world there are a lot of suspicion.

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power outage caused by the failure of


3, said Taobao will launch the largest revision version of the end of October on the line

according to sources, will complete creation for the largest space revision, the new version of the page at the end of October officially launched. It is understood that this revision is mainly involved in the layout adjustment, increase the SNS layout, the elimination of Amoy Lake three changes, the biggest feature is to change the new SNS.

is reported that after the revision of Taobao in the home layout, in addition to the main tone will still be dominated by Taobao orange series, the rest of the page style will gradually like Tmall. In the arrangement of the merchandise category, Taobao will change the previous intensive display at the bottom of the home page to the way, through the integration of all the goods in the first page left sidebar.

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news that Taobao will launch the largest revision version of the end of October on the line


start in the history of the largest revision at SNS

4, Renren push new personal home timeline official said the user reached 1 million

Renren announced today that it has launched a new website for everyone

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