No license BT website to shut down or inevitable ticket

Donews December 10th news (reporter Zhou Ran) in December 10th, returned to normal after the VeryCD website, insiders believe that, due to the provisions of local radio and television departments license application deadline deadline to SARFT, so the unlicensed BT website has been unable to re submit the audiovisual license may not be able to avoid the fate of being shut down.


pointed out that the "Internet audiovisual license" retroactive application acceptance deadline to December 20, 2009, but the specific time has been around in advance. In the case of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau had previously announced that, "because the examination of the application materials to the procedures and time limit, so the Beijing radio and Television Bureau acceptance deadline to re submit the" permit "application for November 30, 2009", and will no longer accept overdue.

it is understood that in November, the State Administration of radio and television departments have begun to clean up around the site of the previous undocumented network audio forensics work, and will provide reports and comments, film and television drama category, special topic, live and taped and personal DV films such as audio-visual programs of undocumented websites as the focus on cleaning, and urge the eligible pay close attention to the website of local radio and television departments license to declare, after the audit shall be reported to the State Administration for approval.

in addition, since March 1, 2010, radio management departments at all levels will be the implementation of Internet audio-visual program service permit system within the jurisdiction of the special inspection of unlicensed broadcast shall be punished according to the law (including the bid not approved). The vile and undocumented illegal broadcast for more than 3 months, according to SARFT and the Ministry of industry and information technology and other 12 ministries jointly issued the "on the establishment of the territory of illegal Internet site blacklist management system" Notice of the relevant procedures, focus, and resolutely shut down. (end)

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