Voice of East Lake Wuhan nternet environment entrepreneurship investment

time: 2009.7.5 14:30-16:30

location: East Lake side

participants: mull, Liu Yu, Ye Kaihua,, Wang Jinsong,, he Ming


Mull: original [Wuhan 5G comments] promoters

Liu Yu: original Wuhan Internet Weekly gathering Taipei road] promoters

Ye Kaihua: [create friends network] promoters

Zhao Hongliang: Wuhan Webmaster Station (China Doll)

Wang Jinsong: [super angel investment network] promoters

Meng Jianbing: [UFO angel investment network, a friend network] initiator

He Ming (Moderator): general manager of palm wisdom Mdt InfoTech Ltd

weather. Wuhan "voice of East Lake" for the first time to review activities, bright sunlight, in thunder storm, at the end of After rain the sky looks blue. after. As a new generation of Internet review activities in East Lake, the voice of Wuhan began to sound.

the first time activities comment on the theme: Wuhan Internet environment, entrepreneurship, investment

He Ming: our voice of East Lake review activities are mainly in order to promote the development of the Internet and the development of the IT industry in Wuhan, in the pursuit of the development of the appeal, that is, we should have enough knowledge of their own. Only when you know yourself, you can talk about development. So today we want to do first, is to own. As for how to open the knife, the knife is not sharp enough, it depends on the level of everyone here.

Wuhan’s Internet environment because of many factors in the national territory has been marginalized in the opposite, entrepreneurial and relatively low cost of this advantage is the embodiment of less concern: negative low labor cost is the primary talent flood years of industry experience occupation team lack; office rents low is the opposite of you be like Beijing, Shanghai in the lunch is to share success or VC value exchange; negative IDC low cost is very difficult for you to find the Internet can provide stable professional hosting service, and the main.

today we comment on the topic a little big, is the Internet environment in Wuhan, entrepreneurship, investment. Because we all know that the Internet contains many aspects, and everyone here can be said to be active and elite at all levels. So we can just comment on every level. Our comments today can be expanded.

at first, or would like to ask Liu Yulai to give us a few words. Because after all, similar to this review activities, both in terms of experience or from the cognitive aspects of the Internet, Liu Yu can play a leading role in Wuhan.

Liu Yu: just past the June 21st Optics Valley Software Park Wuhan webmaster conference, I talked about a theme, of which second. Be >

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