mmediate sequelae structure is not clear with Pangu staff home


editor’s note: even the Internet field grade in the high-end atmosphere, "merger" is also extremely eye-catching topic; the rich giants, YAHOO, such as Google Facebook BAT domestic and abroad, all are frantically chasing eyes can see. However, the merger reached only the beginning, personnel integration, the interior modulation is the real assessment of the enterprise operational level; to achieve the purpose of successful mergers and acquisitions, but it can have? Next, please pay attention to the acquisition of NetEase technology "series of reports" sequela to understand the status quo, mergers and acquisitions.

this issue, we focus on the immediate search and Pangu search after the merger of the China search.


| Liu Yan

after experiencing barbaric growth, China’s Internet is entering a frenzied period of mergers and acquisitions. In this battle initiated by the acquisition of BAT, a small merger occurred outside of people’s vision, but because the two companies’ national team background caused more concern.

at the end of March, Pangu search and instantly search the combined search Chinese announced on-line, the Guozihao search and ordinary commercial search increase compared to national conditions, theory of vertical search content. After the immediate search (the original search) and Pangu search officially ended, user access to the two sites in any one will jump to the new line of China search.

, however, the Chinese search for the outside world is particularly mysterious, whether it is difficult to contact the public or the middle, and even the management structure of the enterprise has no official response. It is understood that the people’s daily deputy editor Ma Li will serve as chairman, vice president of Xinhua News Agency Zhou Xisheng as CEO, and in the immediate search huge controversy in the process of serving the former Olympic champion Deng Ya Ping, whose whereabouts are not clear.

in addition, the science and technology enterprises mergers and acquisitions, the survival status of staff behind corporate capital game also let people pay attention to; according to incomplete statistics, this year there are only three strikes on mergers and acquisitions and technology companies, they are: Dongguan NOKIA, Shenzhen IBM, Yi Xun in Southern China area.

because of the identity of the central enterprises, employees may face an immediate search is more difficult to choose.

Deng Ya Ping short return

recently, a group of Deng Ya Ping to participate in a variety show photos in the network crazy pass, the picture of Deng Ya Ping emotional tears. What makes Deng Ya Ping so sad tears, which led to speculation users, and even friends ridicule: she did not pay a lot of money to search, can not cry?

in October 2013, not open to the outside world situation, sponsored by the immediate search with Xinhua panguso quietly merge. There is a Chinese search staff to NetEase technology revealed that the opening ceremony on the day of the search in China, the former general manager of the immediate search Deng Ya Ping was invited to attend; the internal solution given at that time

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