Chongqing before the end of March will be on the territory of the site did not record stop DNS

news March 4th, the Chongqing communications administration before the date on the first stage of the investigation out of the weak link, based on the analysis of the problems existed, the key work of the second phase is proposed to strengthen measures on the territory of the site before the end of March without registration, stop the DNS; at the same time the domain name registration services to standardize the agent. Not if one user.

for business promotion channels are partners led to lack of regulatory layer development off the assembly line, requires basic telecom enterprises must implement the business partners to promote the qualification examination, the implementation of the business promotion channel business each link of the cleaning and inspection. No matter what channels must ensure safety, to ensure effective technical monitoring, such as can not be guaranteed to be controlled, the suspension of development, not allowed to promote.


did not record the site can not be found in time, the access site content can not effectively monitor the requirements of the access service providers set up a website registration system before the end of March, mobile phone website found complete function; WAP gateway filtering system before the end of June with the pilot work.

to access the resource rent contract is not standardized, enterprise exists discipline illegal private provide layers of sublease, the basic requirements of enterprises and access to seriously clean up line Telecom Access Resources lease contract, and by checking the server, business agreement, domain name and IP address of the user resource usage, to improve the ability to find the layers of sublease problems.

domain name for false registration, registration of multiple domain criminals to evade regulatory requirements, domain name registration agencies to fully implement the domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete, completed a comprehensive verification of registered information before the end of September; on the territory of the site before the end of March without registration, stop the DNS service at the same time requirements; the domain name registration to regulate the development of user agent, not layers of subcontractors.

for the low accuracy of site record information, requiring all basic telecom enterprises and access service providers to carry out a comprehensive identity to verify the authenticity of the work site organizers, and complete the information verification of access to the site before the end of September.

for a large number of jurisprudence to transfer abroad, overseas need to strengthen the control of harmful information, requires basic telecom enterprises to further improve the management mechanism and the blacklist, blacklist management coverage to the business promotion channels, access service providers, users and users access resources extension, realize linkage disposal. Before the end of June, implementation of the blacklist system networking, data sharing and linkage processing.

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