played a game for 13 years to talk about the basic logic of user operation

first I declare that this article is not advertising, this game has a history of 13 years, Koei released in 2003 a single game, but I still play the old version, even the RTS games are not, it is meaningless to advertise for. I just want to use it to illustrate some of the basic logic of user operations.

this game is the Three Kingdoms 9, may be a lot of people have played too many games, I do not mean to say today. Now I always play the if version, and the virtual environment, and even sign new generals (only one person), the creation of new forces (one of the most difficult position), in the "princes of the kind will" play to play, finally unified the world.

frankly, I’ve never been a good game user, any game is not addictive, if a game can also make money on me, it must be because the game is too fire!

do operations for so many years, and sometimes often associate, in fact, I want to write this topic for a long time, because I think there are many similarities between the operation and the game, today, said:


1, there is no perfect person, the appointment of the most suitable person

is the four most important values: command, force, intelligence, politics, the entire game without a four numerical all high, such as the Lv Bu force value of 108, in 94, but the intellectual and political basic is retarded, the command of Zhu Geliang 98, 101, 100 political intelligence, but the force value is enough Lv Bu cut two knife.

actually want to unify the world, like the formation of a operations team, who want to recruit the best in all the land type figure, but it is always the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, the final outcome of a team, must find the right people are relative. Like chess, each position should be placed on the role of a bunch of people, the world’s most Niubi people together, not necessarily the whole of what yaoezi to.

2, your hand expert more, you can

the world

this is the most basic principle of the game, if you start to collect some data of some very high, slowly your forces will become more and more large, and more expert hands, finally the whole game almost all people to be unified. Now a lot of big companies are so big, such as bat, and finally the cattle are running people, so they became a big mac.

actually do user work is not the case? Who can get people, who can get the world. The user operation logic, its operational focus must be those at the top of the Pyramid, it is Lv Bu who, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhu Geliang, Zhang Zhao, Xun Yu, Chen Qun, Guo Jia, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Zhang Liao, Xiahou Yuan and so on, some of these high people.

do user work, in fact, is playing games. You don’t have a cow

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