Chinese matter made Taobao official crackdown since the most effective thunderclap

April 22nd, the transformation of Putian high imitation shoes to "China matter made", and officially on sale in the Taobao online, which means that Putian copycat shoes has its own brand. For the inclusion of China made quality of its own brand, Taobao official will sign a contract with it, so it is more convenient to manage these independent brands. Putian is known as the high imitation shoes Town, belonging to the hardest hit by the copycat in the Taobao online, so the first from Putian to start, played a very good role model. In fact, not only in Putian, there are a lot of cottage brand in Taobao, clothing, high imitation products most prominent.

cottage products and fakes are different, cottage products are generally high imitation, or copy the deadly brand. Fake and low quality products are pure, consumers buy such goods suffers most, but Taobao close to 60% of substandard goods, if one makes those goods all the shelves, it is equal to the brandished a knife from the palace. For those cottage high imitation brand, you can make it into their own brand, so take off the hat knockoff. Taobao signed a contract by way of these brands under the constraints of the shop, the move can be described as immediate, direct and effective.

Taobao is gradually cleared of copycat brands, imitation goods have seriously affected the genuine interests, but also disrupt the market order, the official genuine great harm. However, the difficulty is not difficult to combat fake imitation cottage, often those who are fighting for a place to shoot a cottage. Taobao knockoff too much, such as: cottage Apple phone, almost no difference in appearance and genuine, can be seen in a copy of apple. For such a serious infringement of the Taobao store, this should crack down on the counterfeiting, but Taobao has little effect, the reason is probably not fundamentally curb fake. as a huge market, numerous shops, shops like fake copycat street stall, the flagship store is the equivalent of the well-known brand shop. If you let those fake shops and cottage shops have become brand stores, Taobao first thing to do is a reshuffle. Or let those selling shops closed, or require them to operate independently of the brand, and in accordance with the rules of the Taobao afloat. I believe under the supervision and management of Taobao official, the restless the owner can only obediently.

Fake Taobao

is a long process, we can not expect Ali can quickly eliminate all fake, fake goods hit with Taobao online also to the relevant departments. Only in this way, the effect will be more fake, blindly sloganeering is certainly not the fake Taobao start from the source. It seems that the Ali is to the real thing, hope "Chinese matter made" can be completely cleared of the fake Taobao. Source: Pioneer video original release must retain the address to thank

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