After obtaining the largest single internet medical financing registered network do not only do onli

financing $394 million net registered a record field of Internet Medical single financing the maximum amount of records, and the company name changed to micro medicine group, it wants the future through online registration of Internet platform to promote the construction of national treatment.



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was established in 2010, the registered network has recently announced a $394 million C round of financing, in one fell swoop hit the largest amount of Internet Medical single financing. After the financing, the registered network will not only provide an online registration site.

After the completion of the completion of the registration of the

network to the parent company, registered network Co., Ltd., which sounds very limited to the name of the Micro Medical Group Co., ltd.". Includes 3 brands: business registration network (, micro medical group Web entrance; micro medicine (We Doctor), micro medical group’s mobile Internet platform; micro ACO (Accountable Care Organization, medical liability of medical organization).

for financing how to spend, registered net plans to invest $300 million in the construction of the national Internet grading treatment platform, investment of $150 million ($94 million, from the current round of financing from the company’s reserve funds in an additional $56 million) in the five regional operation center construction and medical institutions selected, open online and offline.

registered network CEO Liao Jieyuan said that China’s current number of only 8% of the first diagnosis is completed by community doctors. China has three of the total number of doctors in the hospital, accounting for about 10% of the total number of doctors, but over the past year, the hospital took on a total of 46%. A large number of grassroots medical institutions and the ability of primary care doctors have not been fully applied and play, and large medical institutions and experts have always been in overload operation. Registered network to do is to establish a network of hierarchical diagnostic platform to help accurate triage.

but the implementation of grading clinics is not easy, why so many patients prefer to queue up in the top three hospitals do not want to go to the nearest community hospital, a big reason is out of the grassroots level of medical distrust.

in order to solve this problem, the practice is to register the network, the formation of a team of doctors, currently registered online expert team has more than 2800 groups. Each team consists of senior experts, such as the leading academic leaders, and to absorb the grassroots doctors, experts have the obligation to coach and train grassroots doctors in the diagnosis and treatment process encountered referral, consultation problems can be timely cooperation. At the same time, each team has a special assistant for accurate triage of the public, by the professional assistant to help patients with the right doctor. At present, there are 6000 assistants, by the end of the year will be more than 15000 people.

Chinese people tend to have a habit, when he recognized a large expert, he is very easy to recognize the expert’s team assistant and the recommendations given. And this advice is based on

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