Admin5 Adsense network joint Baidu statistics to carry out online training courses

webmaster network August 4th morning news, the Admin5 Adsense network joint Baidu Statistics ( online training courses will be opened at 3 p.m. on August 4th.

According to the

Admin5 station network responsible person, this training course is divided into 4 stages, each stage training plan Monday, mainly using voice communication form, through training activities, let the webmaster have full understanding of statistics and data analysis of webmaster website.

currently on the market have all kinds of traffic statistics software, commonly used cnzz 51 statistical statistics, Baidu statistics, statistics of local training content from Baidu product manager Mo from you on Baidu in the statistical data (unique index, related words, the amount included) the advantage and how to query the amount included in Baidu goodbye, site command and share optimization experience of Baidu and the webmaster, has certain reference value for the study of Baidu optimization.

the lecture room number 6990246 (YY voice: YY voice software official download address:, the Baidu official also prepared a rich prize quiz gift, hope the webmaster do not miss the wonderful opportunity to learn to communicate.

on Baidu statistics:


is Baidu offers free website traffic statistics for the owners to use a professional analysis tools, can tell you how to find and visitors are browsing your website, and how to improve the use of visitors on your site experience, help you make more visitors into customers, and constantly improve the site’s rate of return on investment.

recently launched Baidu Baidu statistics included the amount of query, provides accurate reference for the site of SEO, in addition, dozens of graphics Baidu statistics provided by the report, the path tracking behavior of visitors, better for the website optimization direction, help the webmaster to grasp the site operations.

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