Analysis of the change of Chinese domain name registration in 0705 0809

August 1, 2010, the local characteristics of the "Chinese" root domain name in the world officially launched to achieve Chinese parsing. With the improvement of China’s status, the domain name of China, which has the characteristics of nationalization and localization, has great advantages and potential. So, today IDC review network with everyone concerned about the recent dynamics of China’s domain name market.


(Figure 1 2010.7.5-2010.8.9 China domain name changes)

can be seen from Figure 1 in early July to early August this period of time, small amplitude domain Chinese fluctuations, shows a rising state. Which from July 12th in July 19th, the time domain to 21557 net growth of nearly a month, while the relative growth and decline in the domain name is also larger. The total amount of time domain to the largest number of the beginning of August, the number reached 4124843, topped the list.


(Figure 2 2010.7.5 – 2010.8.9 China domain name changes in the total distribution map)

shown in Figure 2, nearly a month of the total change in the scope of China’s domain name is not large, slowly rising trend. Recalling July,.Co domain name officially opened on the 21 registration,.Co domain name from the launch of the beginning of great concern, overnight, the registered amount of up to 200 thousand, is considered a strong competitor.Com domain name. And in August, ". China struck, and sweep a Chinese domain wind mainstream. Visible, the development of China’s domain name is tortuous road, the prospects are bright. China’s domain name market is still a very substantial cake, unlimited business opportunities.

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