6 1 April Xiamen fish moderator team collective resignation

from 2003 to 2008. For 5 years, the fish community has always been one of the most important parts of my life, day and night.

just like looking at the infant child, began to cry, began to laugh, babble, was a toddler, until the legs. To the community around friends, more and more slowly, the server again and again three emergency. Xiamen fish community was praised by many people as the best network community in Xiamen, is well deserved. In five years, greatly small friend looked at layout, share stories, long for countless ID, even never met a friend selfless to share their experience and experience. My life is full of satisfaction.

can’t sleep tonight.

came and went through too many stories. For a long time did not contact the ID, suddenly jumped into the fresh thoughts. Though I’m leaving here, I’ll always think of you. Sincerely thank these, affectionately call me AD friends, especially for many years of selfless dedication of the moderator. Is the support that you never hold, let me hold on till today.

It’s time for

to leave.

someone asked me, AD, you are willing to do, really willing to do.


has known for a long time, the day will come. But it’s really much earlier than I expected. But don’t give up, does not mean they need endless wandering.

we don’t give up, because of the memory. Five years before the first open xmfish.com, the immature but kind of fresh interface, is still so clear.

I will not give up today’s little fish.

I will take that has not yet been completely devoid of cordial impression, bid farewell to the flashy noisy place.

this is my last post in the Xiamen fish community. Never think he is a good speaker, also did not know that this should be considered a perfect ending to say goodbye. End it.

I declare: because there are serious differences on community development route and direction, after full and all the moderators of the communication, negotiation, the incumbent moderator team, decided to resign. I wish the new team can lead the fish out of the community more glorious and resplendent road.

    finally standing on the stage of this small fish community, looking at the familiar layout, tears or stay. It is difficult to describe the mood now, I want to end my whole life in the small fish community. Since 04 years, I have been growing up with the small fish community, sharing all my life experiences and feelings. I remember the first ID mail application to explain himself into a fish. Mail reason. The reason that I write is very yearning, the fraternity community. Then began my fish trip. The earliest in the mood to learn how.

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