The RS requires Tmall shop price advantage gradually disappear Bushui cited concerns


shop operating costs rising price advantage is gradually disappearing

sources said yesterday, in the Hebei Province, the IRS appointment 38 days before Taobao Mall (Tmall (micro-blog)) large shop in Bushui requirements, a hot topic in the micro-blog and shop operators. The reporter learned from the Alibaba (micro-blog), shop (business shop) to the national pay taxes is the inevitable trend of the current tax also is mainly for large enterprises to shop, the individual shop is not strictly enforced.

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) yesterday, the electronic commerce information platform sent on behalf of the network news, this group was asked to make up the 38 shop, most of the general taxpayer, according to claim 17% value-added tax and enterprise income tax. One of the companies last year sales of over ten million tax requirements, if the accounting method of small scale enterprises 5%, you need to make more than half a million tax, if the general taxpayer accounting estimates about 2 million should pay tax.

, however, the news is only expected, has not yet become a reality. Send a generation of online network, if you want to complete the company opened to all untaxed taxes now (3% plus fines), this means that the company last year, profits become more modest. He counted an account, if the company in 2010 to do 5 million, in 2011 to do a total of $10 million, then the value added tax of about 3% of about $300 thousand. The enterprise income tax, because many of the shop before the invoice, if now to repair the invoice, factories and courier companies like 3%~5% will fill the tax point, also is the minimum of 300 thousand. These two items together, need to be 600 thousand.

for some place to start that tax for the shop, Tmall (Taobao mall) public relations director Joe Yan said yesterday, Tmall business is full of enterprise, is the enterprise should pay taxes, this is common sense. And taxation is a relationship between the tax authorities and enterprises, and businesses are not unrelated to Tmall.

even so, some enterprises of the shop more and more tightening tax policies still have some concerns, there are shop owner accounts, pay taxes and management fees of 11% mall, promotion fee 20%, fee fees of about 10~15%, the express fee of about 8~10%. Counted at least 50% gross profit line, so that the traditional shops and no price advantage, but also how to survive in the future?

previously, Wuhan State Administration of Taxation on Taobao Mall (with a shop store) tax of 430 yuan, and the other 4 shop Bushui has caused a great disturbance.

reporter observed: shop price advantage has not obvious

Guangzhou a year business revenue of $10 million shop owner told reporters that the current China electricity supplier price advantage actually has not obvious, has not completely is originally said to reduce the cost of the entity shop, shop shop costs and promotion costs than the basic store or slightly lower to >

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