After 80 entrepreneurial banner Dai Zhikang talk about those things after the acquisition of Tencent



Dai Zhikang

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TechWeb Wei Li reported on January 4th

BBS active in the Chinese Internet for ten years. Today, I would like to find a product active for ten years, it is difficult. Internet products a wave of upgrades, but BBS is still active in the Internet users to fill the top posts between the tools, creating and guiding the public every day. BBS at the bottom of the page, you can often see the "Powered by Discuz!", the company (Beijing Kang Sheng Science & Technology Co. Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Kang Sheng) in 2010 has been the acquisition of the Tencent at a price of 60 million dollars, become a wholly owned subsidiary.

in the acquisition of Tencent after two years, what do the founder Dai Zhikang 80 entrepreneurial banner figures, Kang Sheng company? What time is considered sold the company to Tencent based on the company now? What do business in the Tencent


in the afternoon in Beijing, Third Street a 11 storey office building, Dai Zhikang of TechWeb said, "if it can be listed or to be acquired is a better way, in fact is not the acquisition of Tencent is also quite good."

why not sell his angel Zhou Hongyi? Dai Zhikang said, the Tencent and the 360 Zhou Hongyi played very ill, Zhou Hongyi was in the attitude is not very agree, but the vote is agreed by the Tencent to buy. He did this thing is quite professional, he said that we and the Tencent play quite badly, 360 to teach you, I can also say, but the problem is to find enough collaboration inside, then 360 also did not go to the United States listed, mainly based on safety, browser and game business account, system and SNS 360 is not very strong, so at that time did not think of a good way of cooperation. "The old Zhou Yejue respect for entrepreneurship, their wishes, finally agreed to the acquisition by Tencent." Dai Zhikang added.


before the acquisition of Tencent has always wanted to do platform, Tencent have been found in the search, in fact, is a Tencent has set up a good platform, can do more things in common between the collaborative platform above, for example QQ and SNS through the ability with the help of cloud computing the Discuz is able to do better! This product, this is the original intention. Later, after the acquisition of Tencent, do a cloud platform, vertical and horizontal search, QQ Internet, Tencent analysis and Discuz! Alliance, do some of the original we conceived for a long time, but did not do anything.

in the past two years, in addition to the annual meeting of the general assembly, Dai Zhikang’s voice becomes less. Dai Zhikang for example, said TechWeb, in fact, any small group into a large collective, must follow the rules of the collective PR, so the small group into the big

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