What way to join health care store

health products are now increasingly important role in our lives, many friends see the health care products market opportunities, want to engage in investment in health care products. So, join the health care products store, then what is the way? Xiao Bian introduced.

1. health products store drugstore or supermarket counters: establish the model first disadvantage is the lack of professional degree, there can be no special health nutritionist to provide a full range of health care services for consumers; the second is the market radiation surface is limited, no way to go out of service, only the last is to enter the waiting; the high threshold, high investment, low income, admission fees are very expensive, and to allocate large proportion to channel provider profit space.

2. health care store MLM network sales: in fact, China’s health care products sales in more than 50% are completed through pyramid schemes. But the national legal approval of the MLM company for only a few, mostly in the illegal business, and marketing network with profit as the first principle, so often there will be quick, deception, exaggerate the functions of customer service service and the price is expensive, no security phenomenon has to society caused great harm.

3. open chain store sales of health care products: chain Monopoly in foreign countries has a history of several decades, and has achieved great success, many health care companies on this marketing model placed high expectations.

The above is about to join the

health care products shop, I believe we have a certain understanding, only a detailed understanding of the project consulting, open their own career so as to better, to shop, to detailed consultation!

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