What is the Zhengzhou UFO

is hovering in the sky for UFOs, and we usually see it in the tv. Recently, however, Zhengzhou has seen UFOs flying in the air, and there are related videos. So, what is the Zhengzhou UFO?

recently, a suspected UFO appeared in Zhengzhou, the video in the circle of friends and micro-blog widely spread, causing the attention of many users. Police said that if people spread rumors deliberately disrupt public order, if the circumstances are serious, will be detained according to law.

the 27 second video display, located in the cargo street and goods station near the North intersection zhengtie supplies over the total period of hospital, a similar spacecraft UFO flying slowly from west to East, and finally disappeared in the building, the video also screams.

Henan Daily reporter noted that the end of the video, text said: the morning of June 16, 2016, Zhengzhou freight train station of ufo.

video in the end is true? The morning of June 19th, a staff surnamed Guo Henan Daily reporter contacted zhengtie supplies total segments.

a look is false." Mr. Guo said, it should be someone in the unit on the north side of the shooting video, flying things and voices must be added later."

in the morning, the Henan Daily reporter also contacted the video shoot in the area of a police – Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau two years Post Bureau police said, even the day, police on duty has not received the public about UFO alarm alarm.

netizens said that this is a special effects". Statistics show that the special effects Camera can give a series of post-processing photos, can provide a variety of rendering effects, allowing users to take pictures more beautiful.

stakeholders said that this is a special camera features, technical content is not high, as long as the installation of science fiction special effects software, everyone can do.

installed on the software can use it to shoot a number of science fiction photos, there are a lot of ready-made templates." The source said, science fiction special camera shooting focus on the synthesis of the latter, the general camera can match this sci-fi software, the price is not high, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars."

Henan Daily reporter learned from the photography enthusiasts, this video can not only produced by computer later, but also through mobile phone production, "the first ready special material, can be inserted into the recorded video directly, in order to enhance the realistic effect and also sound."

with the development of science and technology, a lot of recommendation

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