Wife adult leisure food store ask details

in the world can be divided into two kinds of their husbands, one is the fear of a wife… We only talk about my wife. In fact, not afraid of his wife and what is not good, afraid of the man’s wife is happy, if you are a pain in his daughter-in-law, you just have to open stores ideas, then open a wife leisure food store! For the wife of adult leisure food stores to join the problem, the following to make specific solutions.

Q: join the wife adults have regional restrictions do?

A: "wife adults" is currently open area of Shanghai and Zhejiang, part of the city.

Q: I am not the above two areas can join you?

A: at present, the company management, service capacity is limited to the above two areas, other regions and cities will continue to join the company as the development of open, please pay attention to the company’s website and the official micro-blog information release.

Q: to join a wife adults need what costs?

A: company charges are as follows:

join fee: 80 thousand yuan;

margin: 50 thousand yuan;

management fee: 800 yuan / month;

wife adult leisure food store venture ask

other investment costs to 100 square meters standard shop investment budget is as follows:

decoration fee: 12 – 150 thousand yuan;

props equipment: 10 – 120 thousand yuan;

first purchase: 15 – 180 thousand yuan;

Liquidity: 5 – 100 thousand yuan;

rent and transfer fees.

Q: how much time can I get back to my wife by investing in my wife


A: any investment has a certain risk, please careful investment.

stores the profit is determined by many factors, decline of human error and environment change will lead to any profit, the company can not guarantee any stores back this time.

Q: I have a 30 square meter store, can I join you?

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