Meishan employment monitoring for 15 consecutive months ranked first in the province

in the process of economic development, reasonable arrangements for all aspects of employment, is very critical! At the same time, the employment situation for the residents, a good implementation of the monitoring, is conducive to a timely understanding of the market dynamics of employment, to facilitate the implementation of the relevant units.

since April 2015, the city of Meishan (monitoring employment quality evaluation system of employment monitoring system in the data and the actual situation) for 15 consecutive months, ranking first in the province, and the first in the province within the scope of the provincial data. Meishan city to make full use of the employment service management information system of Sichuan Province, to strengthen the fine management of employment data, will continue to employment of county and township, village extension, and strive to achieve full coverage of employment data and zero error.

in all aspects of data acquisition, data entry, data statistics, data analysis, regularly or irregularly to the grass-roots staff operational guidance and training, and compare with the data of industry and commerce, public security, social security and other departments, real-time updates of data, ensure the accuracy, employment data is comprehensive and dynamic. Currently, the city’s employment registration more than 57 people, more than 133 people in rural labor storage. The formation of the basic data, the layers of summary stability, pre decision decision positive work flow.

in twenty-first Century, with the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, more and more jobs are being pushed to the market, the vast majority of people have more choices! The government has also effectively reduced the number of unemployed people, so that all the people work together to promote economic development.

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