What are the common causes of failure How to prevent

although people will choose to start a business, they want their business to be successful, however, in the real world, many people start their own businesses in order to fail in the end. So, what are the common causes of failure? After these reasons and how to prevent it? Next, let Xiaobian for you to make a detailed analysis of it.

a once to more than and 500 companies have done related consulting or coaching staff according to all defective company of its own see, summed up the problem, to avoid the occurrence of these problems can maximize the chances of success for your business:

a small or non scalable idea. Investors tend to be biased against those who have a narrow set of potential customers. They prefer to face a company like Google, because everyone will appeal to Google’s products, and anyone can be satisfied. This is not a small business, is not a very narrow market.

Market positioning for

errors. In many cases, entrepreneurs want to do what they think is a good idea, but they never take the time to properly study the market. For example, investors certainly do not want to invest in the same area of the top tenth companies, they prefer to invest in the first enterprise.

no marketing strategy can be implemented. Entrepreneurs are usually very focused on building their own products, because they are not thinking about how to market marketing strategy is not long enough. They do not realize that a clear and effective marketing concept can help them to raise more funds.

service is not focused. If you can try to launch a variety of business alone, then do not only work on a single business. Don’t try to be applicable to all kinds of socket plug, or you will find yourself without originality in which business.

doesn’t know when to stop. If you are trying to strive for the best, but no matter how hard you paddle, to ensure no drag. Entrepreneurs need to support their own business line where, whenever the need to ensure adequate funding and enough time to change the original plan.

without passion and persistence. If an entrepreneur does not reveal the dedication and enthusiasm of their products, they will never really love their own start-up companies, will not always pay attention to the success or failure of entrepreneurship. You need to have a persistent spirit, no matter what obstacles encountered in the business, will not give up, but to find a viable solution.

incorrect or incomplete leadership. Never try to put a fortune 500 team into a small startup. Because of their typical style with a small company.

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