How to join the automotive beauty industry site selection

automotive beauty industry has gradually become popular, the market is broad, promising. Select the automotive beauty industry, the choice of the sunrise industry, does not mean that we can succeed. First, choose a good location is the foundation of success, is different from other industries, it is suitable for the operation of the car maintenance, whether the structure or store conveniently to carry out various projects and so on are troubled by the problem of the operators.

to note two points:

one location refers to the car beauty maintenance shop located in the city of space, can be divided into the central city, central zone and outer zone three. Due to the large city center is generally the organs and institutions and commercial establishments, although the traffic is large, but by the traffic control and management constraints. The big city outer ring area although traffic is small, but the area distribution of large-scale residential areas and related facilities, there is no traffic control and management, overall than the city center more suitable for car care service.

Small and medium-sized city

is different, close to the city center, traffic, institutions, commercial and residential density increased. Therefore, a single location, the location of car beauty shop, a large city in general is the most ideal city center of the central region. Outer ring area is poor, generally do not recommend open car beauty shop.


There are four main factors deciding their own conditions:


The relationship between


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