The method of opening the snack bar to improve the store sales performance

development of the catering industry, as a sunrise industry, the development prospects are very broad and fancy snacks to join business entrepreneurs in the unceasing increase, to successfully open a profitable food stores, also need to know how to improve the sales performance is the key. So how to improve the sales performance, and the following analysis:

was the first to clarify the relationship between headquarters and franchisee in the method: first, before the franchisee is the customer, not the subordinate, the franchisee management is different from the upper and lower levels of management; second, the franchisee is the customer, is the need to guide the management of headquarters market changes and customer promotion, help the growth. Only do this, can really help the franchisee to operate good stores, reach more replenishment, to achieve the ultimate goal of franchisees and win-win company.

method one: do a good job of customer relationship maintenance, enhance the franchisee execution. If the franchisee is the customer relationship maintenance, hospitality has become behoove thing, only with the franchisee reached a good customer relationship and have influence on the franchisee, franchisee can further influence the execution. What is the relationship? Why should we maintain customer relationships? Simple customer relationship maintenance is the use of a variety of work outside resources and ways to give franchisees emotional care and satisfaction, so as to better the environment of interpersonal relationship management is working to create sales.

and franchisees good customer relationship can allow franchisees more recognition of our supervision, recognition of the company, so that the work of the steering can be better. So how can we maintain a friendly relationship, what needs to be done?

on the one hand for the franchisee to conduct periodic telephone communication and on-site counseling is very necessary, on the other hand, to take advantage of holidays, joining the business life of the big event to do the corresponding customer maintenance work. Of course, when the guest relationship maintenance, we must join the business personality and preferences, so that our customer service work to play a better effect.

method two: the use of personal charm influence franchisee, enhance the franchisee execution. A man of action, will be another person’s state of mind and influence, actually the franchisee also is such, when the steering performance was consistent from beginning to end professional, positive, responsible for joining the attitude, the franchisee may also be affected. They will think: since you can be so positive and optimistic attitude to face the problem of the market, to help me solve the problem, improve performance, there is no reason not to run a good shop? But to achieve such an influence, not a day two days can do, but in the long-term interaction with the franchisee in the process of accumulation of a little.

starts with a failing optimistic positive attitude, but also endure trouble, or fear, can persist…… And it is also the biggest challenge to supervision, but as recommended

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