Yonghe King brand make note

said the Yonghe King Chinese style meal well-known brand, everybody in the brain of the first impression is Yonghe style breakfast brand, yes, the beginning is by Yonghe a Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks the breakfast shop, since the development of the brand has been in business including breakfast, snacks, noodles in 40 kinds of products. More than and 20 years of development in China already has a franchise of more than and 500, the size of such a huge business, its brand is how to do it?

Yonghe King’s signature product is how to make

Since the opening of

, Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks is always Yonghe King’s signature product. Soy milk is a single product has sold more than 300 million cups.

so, why Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Yonghe King praised and applauded


non GMO grinding Soybean Milk: the biggest feature is the Soybean Milk Yonghe King is grinding.

it is equipped with each store in the kitchen with soybean milk grinding machine, unified procurement by the headquarters of the soybean, fresh and fresh every store every day.

The quality of

soybean determines the quality of soybean milk. Yonghe King promised its use as a non transgenic soybean in Northeast soybean.

"all the stores in our country are provided by a factory, and the varieties and planting areas of soybeans are designated. Soybean in which plots, when harvest we are clear, and the soybean plant is also in accordance with the requirements of our management model management. We regularly purchase, and two times a year to the factory site inspection, supervision of the factory in accordance with our requirements in production and management."

Dr. Yang Juanhua said that each batch of soybeans come in to be tested. For example, the sensory evaluation team will be based on the appropriate rules to mark the soybean, these rules include the size of soybeans, water content and other data. This will ensure that the Yonghe King each store the soybean quality is stable.

Why choose

for non GMO soybeans, Dr. Yang Juanhua explained, in fact, non genetically modified soybean Chinese is high protein soybean, more suitable for grinding "to Soybean Milk, measuring its concentration by machine we Soybean Milk finished, not qualified to do the soybean grinding concentration."

In order to ensure the quality of

Soybean Milk, heat preservation Soybean Milk Yonghe King sell for less than 3 hours, the ice Soybean Milk is not more than 6 hours.

has been in the Yonghe King equipment and tools to develop better and more advanced, to provide customers with high quality and safety of food.

Deep-Fried Dough Sticks has been 9 years.

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