3 pilot non nationals Wando entrepreneurs minimum 50 thousand yuan loan amount of up to 200 thousand

a lot of entrepreneurs are not in their own home business, in the face of these entrepreneurs, the policy should also be given support to retain talent to bring better development. Therefore, Dongguan launched 3 pilot non nationals Wando entrepreneurs loan policy details follow the small series with a look!

the small business loan object on the application requirements, such as the legal working age, physical health, honest and trustworthy, have certain working skills and ability of staff. Give priority to the employment difficulties and qualified personnel. In addition for membership in Dongguan, or in the Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Kau 3 pilot town street, park of Dongguan nationality entrepreneurs.

loan conditions also need to have specific business projects, and approved by the business sector received a business license, the expected business projects are relatively stable sources of income, ability to repay the loan principal. In addition to the requirements of the applicant no irregularities, or need to provide a more stable source of income, the household staff as a guarantor to bank loans, or to provide a secured assets, and in accordance with the provisions of the bank loans to the other conditions.

the borrowing period by the Finance Bureau to provide discount

"measures" clear and duration of the loan amount, the amount is divided into 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan four grades. The lender may, according to their own business needs for credit to China Postal Savings Bank branch in Dongguan City branch and Dongguan branch of China Merchants Bank branch, bank loans approved venture capital requirements, repayment ability determine the approved loan amount. Loan cycle by the borrower engaged in the production and operation cycle of the project, the use of loans, repayment ability, determined by the two sides negotiated jointly, the longest no more than three years.

the quarterly settlement, a one-time debt maturity. The loan period by the Finance Bureau to provide discount, overdue interest paid by the borrower in together with the taste is also the principal. If the borrower fails to repay the principal, from the date of expiration as recommended by

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