How to correctly judge the value of a start up company

among investors, has a set of criteria to determine the value of a start-up company is not worth paying attention to. Entrepreneurs also respond to understand how to estimate a start-up company, so as to ensure that their entrepreneurial development in the right way.

Transferwise has recently subverted a trading system that has existed for centuries, and its success may help us end this debate. But first of all, it is necessary for us to understand both sides of the argument.

one that the innovation in the constantly changing customer needs. They are concerned with the functions and characteristics of products and services. Photography: for example, without the need to hire a professional photographer, you can take pictures, once very exciting. Later, the appearance of color photography, photography and digital photography techniques, have attracted a "Marvel", consumer behavior has changed with these innovations.

this camp believes that the brand and innovators work is to pursue the changing needs. A technique that is used by many companies to predict the response of a customer to a product’s features and capabilities is known as the Kano system. Whether the prediction is accurate, it could be of vital importance in today’s company – intelligent mobile phone era of domination, you will be willing to produce cameras? There are many companies that have missed out on the changes in customer demand brought about by technological change, and are eventually eliminated by history (such as BlackBerry and NOKIA).

and that consumer demand the same party, put forward the opposite view. They believe that consumers in the first camera was born and the needs of the Instagram era and there is no difference. We want to take photos, save photos and share photos with others.

One of the leaders of the

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